Vintage Ikegami HK 355 Studio Cameras Full Setup with Grass Valley


Presentation of the studio for analog television transmission Ikegami.

This studio was completed in 2020 after 3 years of hard work and is now fully functional.

The history
This main facility of Ikegami belonged to the BBC network. For a few years it was used by a production company in Thessaloniki - Greece in an OV van until 2004.

We found parts of this kit after 20 years in a basement, forgotten by time. In the same basement we also found the Grass Valley 200 video mixing system. Some of the CCUs, Triax base stations - BS -323A - we acquired from Germany via ebay and some parts of them in Australia.

Our technician Antonis Stamoulis brought it back to life after hard work in 2020.

Equipment Details:
3 x Ikegami HK-355 Studio Camera
3 x J20x Super J20x7.5B box lense and all zoom & focus controls + box zoom systems
3 x Ikegami Triax base stations- BS-323A/ PS-323
3 x Ikegami OCP-355 control panels
3 x Ikegami VF7-7D viewfinders
3 x Samson tripods w Vinten heads
Grass Valley 200 video mixer system (componet)
1 x SPG Syncro 1 x Encoder
5 x Studio Monitors
4 x Sony UMATIC video recorders
1x Sony PVW-2800P Betacam SP
2 x Editing systems (Umatic & Beta)
1 x Titler - Graphics pc with Inscriber

More technical details, available at photos opening. 

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