Hellenic Broadcast Culture Center

"Nowadays wireless means wi-fi, bluetooth and satellite. If we go back more than 100 years, we can see people chasing the dream of wireless communication between two places.

Television and radio orgin story reads like a high -stakes wild drama bringing us into the current mass comunications era which dominates our world." (MBV)

In keeping with our values, we are open to innovation. We courageously and diversely support the different ways of creating audiovisual culture and develop it together with history.

The Museum

Hellenic Broadcast Museum is an integral part of the Hellenic Broadcast Culture Center, whose stated mission is "to collect, preserve, and present historical and contemporary radio and television content, and to inform and entertain through our archives, public programs, screenings, exhibitions, publications, and online access to our resources.

We support the production of documentaries, short films, short animations and media arts, the international promotion of the Greek audiovisual industry, the training of professionals in the audiovisual field, and industry events and festivals.

The museum is located in Chalkida, Greece (just 40 min from the center of Athens) and is virtually accessible worldwide via the Internet.

Sincerely yours,
Vasilis Mistriotis
CEO & Founder of the Hellenic Broadcast Culture Center

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