Dual Setup Vintage Panasonic F10 Videocameras + WJ-S1 Mixer + NV-180EG Recorder

The Panasonic F10 camera was called a "component" camera as lots of accessories bolted on and off. It used the VHS system and would be connected to a full size VHS tape shoulder strap portable video recorder. This was just at the time SVHS
(higher resolution - 400 lines) started and so the first "camera" was an SVHS camcorder. This was one of the very first cameras which used a CCD chip rather than a tube to capture the picture. Panasonic replaced this camera in 1993 by the F15 SVHS version.

2/3“ CCD-Sensor(Charge-Coupleol-Device), 446.000 Pixel
460 Linien horizontal, Lichtempflndlichkeit 7 Lux, F 1,4, 46 dB S/N
Umschalter für Hochgeschwindigkeits-Abtastung:1/120, 1/250, 1/500,1/1000 uncd 1/2000. S-Video: Hosiden/K 14-Anschluß, K 10-Ausgang über Kabel, Titelgenerator-Anschluß, Automatischer und manueller Weißabgleich.
Panasonic-Bajonett-Anschluß,Objektiv, 15-fach Motorzoom
(10-150 mm), Macrofunktion, F 1: 2, Filterdurchmesser 77 mm
2 Motorzoom-Geschwindigkeiten, Blende manuell und automatisch.