Broadcast in the world. Links, infos and museums

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The first radio station of Greece in Thessaloniki.

In the picture is Chris Tsigiridis that was the first Greek how transmit

Catalog of museum and prive broadcast colection arount the world


Hellenic Broadcast Culture Center

Texas Broadcast Museum | Over 30 years of vintage broadcast equipment and memorabilia.

LabGuy's World: The History of Video Tape Recorders before Betamax and VHS

POSTFADE (You need lot of time to discover this excellent website)

Museum of the Broadcast Television Camera

RTP Virtual Museum

Marcels TV museum - broadcast camera's

The Virtual Museum of Vintage VCRs

RADIO and BROADCAST HISTORY library with thousands of books and magazines

Early Television Foundation

Engcameracollection - Stefan Schröder

oldvcr - Video Equipment Collection - oldvcr

PALsite - The home of the PAL video system

Eyes Of A Generation

Golden Age TV Recreations

Télévisions et matériels vidéos


Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation

Big 13 WTVT Historical Web Site


Western Australian Television History

Chuck Pharis Web Page

Vintage Camera Rentals & Prop Cameras

Rewind Museum. Vintage consumer electronics, vintage video, brick phones, Tv video History.

Tim Seifert's (Camera Tim)


Television History - The First 75 Years

Videoinfo - all you wanted to know on old video equipment

Mikey's Vintage Technology Page

Nederlands Forum over Oude Radio's

Old Television Cameras

Vintage Television sets and Colour Television sets from the Dawn of Television until Now

Televisie (Video) en Radio (Audio) Collectie

NOS Trein 9 – 163 Techniekwagen (OB Van Museun)

The color television revolution

TV en radio forum - Videokarma

The Cathode Ray Tube site


AGA Museum te Emmen

Golden Age TV

Chuck Pharis - Broadcast camera's

Czechoslovakia Radiomuseum

BBC vt - a record. From sticky tape to digits

Hamm's verzameling

Jogis Roehrenbude - Alles over buizen

Foto's van tv's in Cuba

R/TV-Service - 50 jahre sevice Swiss


Berti Benis, Italy TV collector

Philips TV Documentation

Electron Tube Data sheets

Free Service Manuals Gratis

Betamax video's - Stephan Wagner

Betamax collecters

Obsolete Technology Tellye

Petite histoire des systemes video

Philips Motional Feedback & Vintage Audio collectors

Radio's uit de 20e eeuw - Radio en tv

Hans van Iterson's verzameling - Radio en P.U.

HomeCinema Ernemann IX - 35 mm film

TV yesterday - oude tv's Duitsland

Fernseh Museum - Camera en TV

The Valve page - TV en radio

HIFI Museum - veel audio

Vintage TV & Radio - U.S.A. Colector

Stefan Schröder collection

Television History - The First 75 Years

MBT. The Museum of Broadcast Technology in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

German TV Museum in Wiesbaden. fernsehmuseum

The Tech-ops History

HiFi Archive (Rare Bronsure for hifi, cameras, videorecorders)

"The John In Arizona" Radio and TV Station Photo Collection

History of American Broadcasting

Broadcast Pioneers, Innovators in Philadelphia Communications

Fybush Magazine

Morse radio station K6KPH/KSM in California

Maritime Radio Historical Society

World Radio History

Ampex OldTimers